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AX Connected Smart Watches Watches

Armani Exchange Official Distributors

So are the new smartwatches and hybrid watches from Armani Exchange. The always fashionable watches of AX, but redefined with the most advanced technology to enhance its utility, always maintaining the style of this prestigious brand. Take it to the next level with Armani Exchange smartwatches.


    With the smartwatches and hybrid watches of Armani Exchange AX, the basic watch of always has been redefined, combining it with the technology that is trend today, giving to these watches, functionalities that will make easier our day to day. Combining your Armani AX watch, together with your app on your smartphone, will make it just like having your smartphone on your watch. Are you starting to see their full potential?

    Among the most outstanding features of Armani Exchange smartwatches, we can find:

    NFC payments:

    With your Armani Exchange touchscreen it has never been easier to make payments in physical stores. All you have to do is bring your smartwatch closer to the end of the payment and you're done.


    Heart rate monitoring:

    Control at any time the functioning of your heart. In our daily routines, it is important to know where the limits of our body are.



    Do not give up the full potential of your intelligent clock in the water, as these devices have a watertightness of 5 atmospheres. Enjoy it in your favorite aquatic activities.



    With Armani Exchange smartwatches, you'll never lose your way. Get there faster than anyone else with the GPS function of your smartwatch.


    Activity log:

    Are you an active person? Keep track of your daily exercise routines and improve yourself every day. Do you know how many steps you take each day? Now with your smartwatch, you can keep track of how much you move in your daily life. Measure your activity even while sleeping. Monitor your hours of sleep every night.


    Phone notifications:

    All the potential of your smartwach on your wrist, customize your alerts and do not miss any notifications, messages, calls, likes, everything in your AX from your phone.


    Time synchronization:

    Your watch will always be in sync with your smartphone, so it will automatically update when you change country just like your smartphone does. Plus, you can create a second time zone so you know what time it is here and there at a glance.


    With your smartwatch, you'll be able to take a picture of any photo app on your smartphone at the touch of a button.

    Control your music:

    Control the music you're listening to without taking your smartphone out, listen to your favourite songs over and over again.

    As it could not be otherwise, we must not only focus on the technological part. We all know the Italian firm Armani, where each of its products is marked by its unmistakable style. In the same way, the entire line of AX smartwatches has been designed. Watches with technology but without renouncing an ounce of style. With silicone, leather and stainless steel straps, more neutral or daring colors, you can adjust your smartwatch to your personal style, covering more sober or sporty looks depending on your lifestyle.