Relojes inteligentes Michael Kors Access

Since Michael Kors launched its Michael Kors Access range of watches in 2016, it has not stopped growing every day. The MK Access perfectly combines technology and fashion, becoming one of the leading brands in smartwatches in the sector, without renouncing the style that has made this fashion brand prestigious.

    Michael Kors is one of the great American fashion designers who have risen to the top of the world fashion thanks to his confections combining elegant styles but at the same time sporty, factors that have fitted perfectly with the lifestyle that we live in society today.

    Michael Kors Access Smart Watches

    Michael Kors has positioned itself as a luxury brand and its style can be seen faithfully reflected in the line of wereables with the Michael Kors Access smartwatches. We can clearly see in the collection of smartwatches a style and design differential and characteristic of MK, with designs that are very similar to conventional watches, but with specifications with which Michael Kors has managed to attract the technological public that in addition to the latest technology, is not willing to give up the style and fashion so present in society and that are trend today. This perfect connection between style and technology is undoubtedly one of the keys to the success of the different MK Access collections.


    In the MK Access collections, we can find intelligent watches and hybrid watches.


    Among the smartwatches, models such as Michael Kors Access Grayson, Bradshaw, Runway and Sofie, will live up to the most technologically demanding users. Equipped with Android Wear technology, compatible with iPhone and Android, you'll be able to measure your heart rate and record your physical activity, customize the sphere to your liking, receive notifications from your smartphone, Google Fit and Spotify to get in shape while listening to your favorite playlists. In addition the MK Access, are submersible and have GPS not connected to the network and many more features that you can control from their screens with AMOLED technology that will make your clock more functional than ever and with which you will always be a step ahead.


    Among the technical specifications, we can highlight its touch screens 1.19 inches, with 390x390 resolution with 300mAH batteries with magnetic charger, 24h autonomy and a charging time of 1h. They have storage of 4GB and a memory of 512MB and also sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light, heart rate, payments by NFC and GPS.


    Focusing on the design of the different collections and ranges of Michael Kors, materials such as stainless steel and leather stand out for their bold and colorful styles that will make your wrist look fashionable, just as Michael Kors has always wanted it to look. Combine your Micahel Kors smartwatch with your favourite look and you're sure to get it right.