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Skagen Watches

Skagen Denmark is a watch brand created in New York in 1989 by two Danish emigrants, Henrik and Cahrlotte Jorst. It owes its name to the town of Skagen, located in the Kattegat Strait. Since 2012 it belongs to the watch brand FOSSIL.

    Skagen was founded in 1989, inspired by the coastal town from which they not only took their name, but also their warm spirit and simple mentality. All Skagen brand products have been created with good design for a better way of life. The key is simplicity and plainness, focusing only on what is really necessary and essential.


    Skagen watches denote an intense passion for design. Something that applies to Scandinavian roots, clean, tidy and aerodynamic. Any Skagen product, any time of day, anywhere in the world, now or in 10 years' time, is a trend. Not only is simplicity beautiful, it is also versatile.


    Skagen watches for men and women

    The value of Skagen watches is based on the ability to remove any unnecessary items without sacrificing the functionality of the watch. Each Skagen watch for men features simple shapes, with durable materials that will make the Skagen watch the ideal complement to your everyday life.


    Skagen watches for women also adopt the aesthetics of less is more. Classic colours, fine profiles and discreet dials are used to make them, using quality materials. Each watch has unique details that make it different from the rest.


    Both Skagen watches for men and women include all the styles you will need for your daily use. In addition, for the most special occasions, you will find the most elegant models. Find in TicTacArea a great selection of Skagen watches, bright colors, more neutral, stainless steel straps, leather, find the Skagen watch that goes with your style.


    The founders of Skagen watches had in mind to offer a new design, with elegant, minimalist watches and with an incredible quality-price ratio.


    In TicTacArea we are authorized dealers of Skagen brand so you can find the most varied range of Skagen watches, as well as a great catalogue of Skagen watch straps, with which you can give a new look to these fantastic Danish inspired watches.