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-How can I pay?, may I use my card?


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-How long may take to receive my order ?


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-If I don't like what I purchased may I return it?.
What about warranty?, am I covered ?


Warranty and returns at


-I need to contact them, how can I do it ?


How to get in touch with


-Are they legit?, have they got a brick and mortar shop?, where may I find them if I need to see them face to face? belongs to the company PERLA AZABACHE SL. Our company name is well indicated in the GREEN EV SSL SECURITY CERTIFICATE ( what is an SSL EV GREEN CERTIFICATE? )  you may find in your browser url. If you check this GREEN EV SSL CERTIFICATE (just click on it and see details), you may find this info:


CN =



OID. = 101




OID. = 30500

C = ES businessCategory = Private Organization incorporationCountry = ES serialNumber = B73013740

Unless another websites, all our info, including legal id code is noted in this certificate and made public. This is the only way you can make sure that you are purchasing from a legal and well stablished buisiness website.

-If you want to find out where all started, you can also search "PERLA AZABACHE SL" in Google:


-If I have a problem with any product I buy here, how can I solve this problem?, Is warranty valid worldwide?


We are official dealers for every brand you may find at This is the most important thing you need to know when you buy in our website. First thing you must do when purchasing online is make sure you buy from an official dealer. This is the only way you can make sure your product is covered by the manufacturer warranty worldwide, and we mean WORLDWIDE.


Our website is listed in the website of the brands we sell in our online shop. This is the way you can make sure your product is 100% authentic and you are covered by 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.


These days you may find many online websites , including such as Amazon, Ebay and may other well know pages selling many different brands without the brand's owner permission.


You must pay attention in some of them to this letter: " 2 years warranty offered by the seller, not the manufacturer". Meaning you are purchasing in a non official dealer because they must say you have not the 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.