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All info you may eventually need to trace your order is written down here. Please, read it carefully and keep it as a guide in case you need to know more about your shipment transit status.


The service used to ship your order is a signed Postal one. Postal services may have some limitations such as not too often updated status info and longer delivery times than courrier services such as FedEx or UPS. Of course Postal services are not as expensive as any courrier one and that is one of the reasons why shipping your order is so cheap in our website.


Average transit times can be checked out herehttps://www.tictacarea.com/en/info/Shipping-and-delivery


As you can see in the link, times are not exact but average. They can be used to have an idea about when you should be delivered. Some factors such as adverse weather or customs inspections may affect seriously on the given estimated times.


We will email you everytime an important delivery status change may ocurr.


If at any moment you want to find out where your shipment is, you must follow these instructions step by step:

First you must be logged in, otherwise you can not go throught all the next steps.

Once you are logged in at TicTacArea.com you can go to:


All your orders will be displayed along with a link with each order’s track. Once you click on the desired tracking link you will be able to see it full detailled.


  • If you go to the bottom of the page, you also will be able to see the exact label your shipment is using on its way to you. 
  • Printed in this label you may find all the details you gave us such as complete name and address, along with 2 tracking numbers. One usable in our website and another one that can be used on destiny.

  • On the top side of the label you can find a barcode, right under this barcode there is an alphanumeric code begining with RP. You will need to write this code down because it will be very useful to track your order at destiny. 
  • This code will help us to trace it on destinies’ country Postal services once the packet has been liberated by customs inspectors.


  • When the inspection services finish their job, the shipment will be handled over the Postal services, and then ( not before) is when you will be able to tracke it all the way to your door in the website belonging to the Postal services of destiny country.

Each contry has got a different national Postal service. In France is LaPoste, USA is USPS, México is Correos de Mexico, India is Indian Post, etc. Once the shpment is into this Postal system, this Postal service will offer you very detailled info of the whereabouts of your order.


We hope you get fully satisfied with the service our team at TicTacArea.com is giving to you.


To serve you and keep you updated we offer you our email, phone and Online Chat channels.


Here you may find all contact options we put at your disposal:


Contact us mon-fri (no bank holidays) on bussines hours. REMEMBER WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS.


Thanks again for honored us with your trust and choose our company for so important details :)

Best Regards.
Juan Angel Gomariz.