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To know the size you need in watches with adjustable bracelet, or jewelry bracelets and rings, just follow these simple steps.

1.-To know the size of the watch or bracelet,you should get a measure ribbon and a wire or any flexible material.

By looking the reverse of the hand as it indicates in the picture, to measure with the ribbon the circumference of the headstock at the side where it is wider and joints to the hand.

Then to measure the piece of ribbon .

With resulting measurement, you must add 1 centimetre. Later, when placing the order, the system will ask you for this size, just enter it and we will adapt it before shipping.

2.-Knowing ring size. We will need a piece of wire and a measure ribbon.

Fit the wire around the medium section (where the red lines are set) of the third falange for the finger in which you will wear the ring.

Very important!, it must be the medium section, as indicated in the picture.

Then to measure the piece of wire.

With resulting measurement, we can check ourselves the more approached size in the table.


If it has a certain doubt after all its checks, request assistance with the Personalized Service of Attention to the Customer of TicTacArea.com.