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As the history of the swatch watch goes on, it take us to a new era, with fluid methods.As the history of the swatch watch goes on, it take us to a new era, with fluid methods.

Babylons, Egypts, Chineses and Indians used water inside a content that gradually emptied making it level to descent.

The level of water coincided with some marks that established the hours. Its name was Clepsida, probably invented by the Caldeos. It was a very primitive system, previous to the Swatch wacth.

This instrument was used by Herófilo of Alexandria to measure the beat of the human body. Galileo used a Clepsidra made with mercury to control the fall of objects. There were quite many Clepsidras created to decorate, as the one sent by Harún Al-Raschid to Carlomagno.

Other type of fluid watch was the sand watch, one of the famous predecessors of the Swatch watch. Its origins are back to 500 years. Sand falls down from an upper side to a lower level through a narrow pass. When all the sand fall down we move it up side down, and it starts again.

Other meted used previous to the Swatch watch was the rapidity a substance o product took to burn or disappears. The most famous was a watch made with a graduated candle, and sometimes using cords with knots, and oil lamps with graduated deposits.

But all the invented watches lack of accuracy. And appeared the necessity to achieve a rhythm between the marked elements and the time. Therefore, mankind took himself to the creation of mechanic elements. This method get later to the Actual Swatch watch.