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Secure payment and Payment methods

1.Credit card Payment


TicTacArea.com offer secure payment methods with Card through Internet.You can pay you shopping through internet with full security and safe. All the data from the process is encrypted under Secure Protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to warranty maximum security, it is impossible to copy through the sending of the data. The input is directly introduced into TicTacArea.com´s Electronic Commerce Bank.

TicTacArea.com is using International VISA standard, called Verified by VISA, since April 202. At Mastercard is called" MasterCard SecureCode ".

How do Verified By Visa & MasterCard SecureCode systems work?

We have to contact our bank and ask for its activation, the Secure Payment System for Online shopping. This is a CODE or a QUESTION only you know. The system depend on your bank. Every bank has a different system. Many banks offer you the possibility to activate it online, without being necessary to go to your local branch.

The system works as follow: Once you finish your order you select the payment method, and WITHOUT ENTERING ANY DATA IN TicTacArea.com SYSTEM our web site will send you and the information of your order directly to the web site of your bank for you to finalize the process paying with your card.With this method TicTacArea.com WILL NEVER KNOW YOUR CARD DATA.

Activate Verified by Visa in my Visa card

Activar MasterCard SecureCode en mi tarjeta de credito MasterCard


- You only need to activate this service once. And you will buy secure, not only at TicTacArea.com but also can pay secure Online on every online shop with Secure System.
- With this secure system you are safe and can relax when shopping online. No one else but you can use your card because your CODE or QUESTION is personal and your bank will verify is in every Secure transaction.
- The paying process is directly to your bank, any site have access to your data, personal data or your card data. Your CODE, Card number and rest of information keep personal. NOBODY have access to this information.
- Secure System warranty you direct access to your bank in case of any matter, eluding any kind of fraud.

2.Bank Transfer Method


You can choose this payment method if you are doing the payment from any European Country.

Once you checkout using this option, you will receive a confirmation email with neccesary information with bank details to proceed with it.

Bank transfer may delay from 24 hours to 7 days to get to our bank. The order will be released as soon as the money reaches our bank account.

3.Cash On Delivery - Only European Countries

If you wish you can pay on delivery. This payment mathod has an aditional charge on the shopping price.

The complete cost of the order is going to appear after the completion of the order process. If you choose UPS the final amount will appear in your order. Delivery time will be 24h too. Thanks to UPS we can offer this method to all European countries.

If you choose AIRMAIL Shipping, the cost of the Cash on Delivery depend on the country of destination. So the cost will no be added to the invoice, we will no receive any money from this cost, you will pay for it directly to your national ground mail company.

The extra cost over the price of the product due to Cash On Delivery through Airmail will be paid directly to your country Airmail company. TicTacArea.com will not get any money from this. The cost depend on the country, sometimes it is not much, in some cases it is 0´7% over the price on the invoice.

TicTacArea.com Team